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cafe and restaurant scene

With one of the highest numbers of Cafés and restaurants per capita, Cambridge has a vibrant dining scene, with cafes, bars, and restaurants catering to every palate. Local eateries have you covered with options for all tastes and budgets, from a 5-course degustation experience, casual lunch with friends, or a quick bite on the go. Cambridge also boasts an array of culinary treasures – artisanal delights at the weekly farmers' market to specialty food stores and delis.

Gather with friends for pub quizzes, comedy shows, and live music, enjoy wine and cheese at the cinema bar, or dine at the Raceway while cheering on your favourite harness racing champion. Cambridge has it all!


Cambridge Restaurants

Many of our Restaurants also have takeaway options for your dining preferences

Alpha Street Kitchen & Bar

A: 47 Alpha St Cambridge  |  P: 07 827 5596
E:    FB: alphastkitchen     W: alphast

Alpino Restaurant & Bar

A: 43-45 Victoria Street, Cambridge  |  P: 07 827 5595         
E:   FB: Alpino-Cambridge   W: alpinocambridge

Clubhouse Cambridge

A: Cambridge Raceway, 1 Taylor Street Cambridge   P: 07 823 7111
E: make a booking   FB: TheClubhouseCambridge   W: clubhousecambridge

Five Stags Leamington Cambridge

Five Stags Leamington

A: 9 Campbell Street, Leamington, Cambridge   P: 07 823 3566
E: Make a booking   FB: fivestagsleamington   W: fivestags

Good Union

A: 98 Victoria Street, Cambridge     P: 07 834 4040 - 027 557 4184
E: Make a booking   FB: goodunioncambridge   W: goodunion

A: 76 Alpha Street, Cambridge   P: 07 823 2008
E: Make a booking   FB: HelloIndiaTandooriRestaurantLtd   W: helloindia 

Oasis Thai & European Restaurant

A: 35 Duke Street, Cambridge  P: 07 827 8004
E: Make a booking   FB: CafeOasis

Onyx Restaurant Cambridge


A: 70 Alpha Street, Cambridge   P: 07 827 7740           
E: Make a booking  FB: onyxcambridgenz   W: onyxcambridge    


A: 55 Duke Street, Cambridge   P: 027 740 0786
E: Make a booking   FB: Pony

The Prince Albert

A: 75 Victoria Street, Cambridge   P: 07 827 7900
FB: ThePrinceAlbert

Royal Cambridge

A: 48 Burns Street, Leamington, Cambridge   P: 07 823 9100
E: Make a booking   FB: royalcambridgerestaurant    W: royalcambridge

Sila Thai Restaurant Cambridge

Sila Thai

A: 87b Victoria Street, Cambridge   P: 07 823 2280
E: Make a booking   FB: SilaThai   W: silathairestaurant

Smoke Collective

A: 30 Albert Street, Cambridge   P: 027 326 4250
E: Make a booking   FB: smokecollectivebarbecue   W: SmokeCollectiveBarbecue

St Kilda Bistro

A: 19 Kaniera Terrace, Cambridge   P: 07 827 3993
E: Make a booking   FB: stkildacafebistro   W:

Stables on Alpha

A: 72 Alpha Street, Cambridge   P: 07 827 6699
FBstablesonalpha   W: stablesbar 

Sila Thai Restaurant Cambridge

Thai Food Cambridge

A: 46a Burns Street, Leamington, Cambridge   P07 823 1111           
FB: Thai-Cambridge   W: thaicambridge 

Cambridge Cafés

Absolute Coffee House Cambridge

Absolute Coffee House

Cafe 9 Cambridge

Café 9

A: 9 Cook Street, Leamington, Cambridge
P: 07 823 4050
E: Email us
FB: Cafe9

Cafe Irresistablue Cambridge

Café Irresistiblue

A: 156 Turkington Road, Monavale, Cambridge
P: 07 834 3501
E: Email us
FB: CafeIrresistiblue
W: Cafe Irresistible

Clementine Café Cambridge


A: 7 Peake Road, Cambridge
P: 07 949 8234
E: Email us
FB: ClementineCambridge

Absolute Coffee House Cambridge

Columbus Coffee

A: 1 Oliver Street, Cambridge
P: 07 827 7644
E: Email us
FB: CambridgeColumbus
W: Columbus Coffee

Cafe 9 Cambridge


A: 24a Empire St, Cambridge
P: 07 595 0622
E: Email us
FB: MyCrave.Cambridge
W: MyCrave

Robert Harris Coffee House Cambridge


A: 21 Empire Street, Cambridge
M: 021 037 2680
E: Email us
FB: foragecoldpressedjuice
W: ForageJuice

Rouge Cafe Cambridge

Fran's Cafe

A: 62 Victoria St, Cambridge
P: 07 827 3946
E: Email us
FB: Frans-Cafe

Homebrew Cambridge


A: 21 Victoria St, Cambridge
E: Email us
FB: Homebrew.Coffee
W: Homebrew Coffee

In stone café Cambridge

In stone Café

A: 85 Victoria St, Cambridge
P: 07 827 8590
E: Email us
FB: instonecafe

Forage Cambridge

Lilly Pad

A: 1234 Kaipaki Road, Cambridge
P: 07 823 9134
E: Email us
FB: LilyPadCafe

Paddock Cambridge


A: 46 Victoria St, Cambridge
P: 07 827 4232
E: Email us
FB: paddockrealgoodfuel
W: PaddockCambridge

Absolute Coffee House Cambridge


A: 601 Maungatautari Road, Cambridge
P: 07 823 0023
E: Email us
FB: podiumcafecambridge
W: gourmetdelicious

Cafe 9 Cambridge

Red Cherry Roasters

A: 7 Forrest Road, Cambridge
P: 07 823 1515     
E: Email us
FB: redcherryroasters
W: redcherryroasters

Robert Harris Coffee House Cambridge

Robert Harris Coffee House

A: 9 Victoria Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 4299
E: Email us
W: robertharris

Rouge Cafe Cambridge


A: 11 Empire Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 9178
E: Email us
FB: RougeCambridge
W: rougeempire

St Kilda Bistro Cambridge

St Kilda Bistro

A: 19 Kaniera Terrace, Cambridge
P: 07 827 3993
E: Email us
FB: stkildacafebistro
W: stkildabistro

Suburban Kitchen Cambridge

Suburban Kitchen

A: 25 Robinson Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 0440
E: Email us
FB: suburbankitchen

The Bikery café Cambridge

The Bikery

A: 15 Hanlin Road, Avantidrome, Cambridge
P: 07 282 0605
E: Email us
FB: thebikerycafe
W: thebikery

The Boatshed Cambridge

The Boatshed

A: 21 Amber Lane, Cambridge
P: 0800 743 321
E: theboatshedkarapiro
FB: The Boat Shed Karapiro
W: theboatshedkarapiro

The eatery Cambridge

The Eatery

A: 9 Albert Street, Cambridge
P: 07 827 0471
E: Email us
FB: theeaterycambridge

The Olde Creamery Cafe Cambridge

The Olde Creamery Cafe

A: 317 Kaipaki Rd, Cambridge
P: 07 823 6266
E: Email us
FB: TheOldeCreamery
W: oldecreamery

Cafe Irresistablue Cambridge


A: 27 Empire St, Cambridge
P: 07 444 5142
E: Email us
FB: VolareBread
W: volarebread


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Cambridge Takeaways

Cambridge Bakery & Cafe Cambridge

Cambridge Bakery & Café

A: 39 Duke Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 1187
FB: Cambridge-Bakery

Cambridge Sushi Cambridge

Cambridge Sushi

A: 7 Empire Street, Cambridge
P: 07 827 4478
FB: Cambridge Sushi

Dominos Pizza Cambridge

Domino's Pizza

A: 18 Lake Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 4653
FB: Dominos-Pizza-Cambridge
W: dominos-nz-cambridge

GelatAmore Cambridge


A: 1/44 Victoria Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 3229

Happy Days Takeaways Cambridge

Happy Days Takeaways

A: 32a Victoria St, Cambrigde
P: 07 827 4338
W: HappyDaysTakeaway

Hell Pizza Cambridge


A: 94 Queen Street, 
Lakewood, Cambridge
P: 07 210 0905
E: Email us
FB: HellPizza
W: hellpizza

Hi Panda Roast & Dumplings Cambridge

Hi Panda Roast & Dumplings

A: 27 Lake Street, Cambridge
P: 07 211 7660
FB: Hi-Panda-Roast-Dumplings
W: hi-panda-roast-dumplings

Kabuki Sushi Cambridge

Kabuki Sushi

A: 2b/36 Lake Street, Cambridge
P: 07 595 0515
F: Kabuki-Sushi-Cambridge

Kebabilicous Cambridge


A: 64b Victoria Street, Cambridge
P: 07 827 6362
FB: Kebabelicious
W: kebabelicious

KFC Cambridge


A: 78 Queen Street, Cambridge
P: 07 827 8295
E: Email us   
FB: kfcnz.cambridge

Kisso Sushi Cambridge

Kisso Sushi

  A: 44 Victoria Street, Cambridge  
P: 07 823 0954 
FB: Sushi-Cafe-Kisso

Leamington Bakery & Cafe Cambridge

Leamington Bakery & Cafe

A: 33 Raleigh Street, Leamington, Cambridge
P: 07 823 9413
E: Email your order   
FB: LeamingtonBakery&Cafe

McDonalds Cambridge


A: 98 Queen Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 7942
E: Email us
FB: McDonalds

Noodle Canteen Cambridge

Noodle Canteen

A: 53 Alpha Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 1318
W: NoodleCanteen

Pita Pit Cambridge

Pita Pit

A: 36 Lake Street Cambridge
P: 07 823 1666
FB: Pita-Pit-Cambridge   
W: PitaPit

Pizza Hut Cambridge

Pizza Hut

A: Unit 2 Lake Street, Cambridge
P: 021 128 1109
W: PizzaHut

Poppas Pizza Cambridge

Poppas Pizza

A: 18 Empire Street, Cambridge
P: 07 949 9488
W: BigPoppasPizza

Queen Vic Chippy Cambridge

Queen Vic Chippy

A: 85c Victoria Street, Cambridge 
P: 07 827 6054
FB: QueenVicChippy   W: queenvicchippy

Subway Cambridge


A: 76 Queen Street, Cambridge
P: 07 823 9025
FB: SubwayNZ

Sunrise Takeaways Cambridge

Sunrise Takeaways

A: 52 Duke Street, Cambridge
P: 07 827 9428

Sushi Plus Cambridge

Sushi Plus

A: 68 Victoria St, Cambridge
P: 07 823 5006
FB: NZSushiPlus

Leamington Bakery & Cafe Cambridge

T&S Takeaways

A: Shop 8, 36 Lake Street, 
Lakewood, Cambridge   
P: 07 222 2789
FB: T&STakeaways

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