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Health, Beauty & Fitness

Get your glow on - with a little help from our local pros

More than medicine

Discover more than just medicines and personal care items at our local pharmacies. You'll also find a delightful array of your favorite perfume and makeup brands, along with a curated selection of gifts and luxuries.

Beauty oasis

In Cambridge, a world of beauty awaits. Our town boasts talented award-winning hairdressers, skilled barbers, beauty therapists, nail technicians, and talented tattoo artists. Whatever your style, there's a salon or spa just for you.

Fitness at your fingertips

Get active and stay in shape with a variety of fitness options. Whether you prefer an intense gym session, the flexibility of Pilates, or the tranquillity of yoga, Cambridge offers choices to put a bounce in your step.

Guided wellness

Our community is home to skilled instructors, physiotherapists, and practitioners ready to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Explore our listings for inspiration, and let's get started


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