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The genuine article

The history of objects always amaze me. Where has this been? Who has owned it? How did it get here?

You can feel the history in this antique store - Alys Antiques is a treasure trove. If you take a moment to pause and really look at a piece in detail, the possibilities and questions take over.

It's amazing how the odd thing catches your eye, reminding you of your own past, maybe something Nanny or Granny owned. I'm always drawn to the glass cabinet with the old pieces of jewellery and watches and I imagine what the woman who owned it was like.

I met Jutta in store, her passion for what she does is infectious and you can only become more interested in all these gorgeous things you are surrounded by. A member of the Antique Dealer's Association, Jutta is more than happy to share her knowledge and is proud of the commitment to very high quality, mainly English genuine antiques.

She says " Antiques are not disposable, we are merely borrowing these items, we take care of them and then we pass them on".

I never thought of antiques in "green or sustainable " terms, however Jutta commented that antiques have a low carbon footprint. This is especially true of stock at Alys Antiques as they buy mainly from within NZ.

On my visit, Jutta and I looked at a new arrival sitting in the doorway. A gorgeous, generous sized Burr Walnut Library Table, with its beautiful ebonised legs giving a rich black colour. The smooth walnut top, the same as a Rolls Royce dashboard, is quite something. This is a 19th-century piece from approximately 1840, purchased from a well-respected Waikato family. In its former home it stood proud with many old family photos and you could feel the emotion connected to it. I took a moment. I wonder who will be the next owner, what new stories will be added to the history of this stunning table.
Burr Walnut Library Table 66cm deep x 120cm wide. Sitting proudly on top is an English Delft Charger, with tin-glazed pottery, made before they made porcelain in Europe, detailed like an oriental piece, yet so very English.

Alys Antiques has been dealing in Genuine Antiques and Fine Art for over 50 years, take a browse around their website and be amazed at the collection. Next time you are up the top end of town pop in and see them, if you are a collector or looking for something different as a gift or something special for yourself, what better place to start.


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