What kind of Xmas Shopper are you?

This year I shopped Cambridge!

Normally I like to set one day aside, right in the middle of the Christmas rush to get every.single.present. on my list. This makes me feel extremely festive - with carols playing, mall air conditioning on full blast, jostling other shoppers at the sales tables and returning to a baking hot car with my precious purchases - but also very tired.

This year I decided to try something different. It's not yet December and I've already started my Christmas shopping! First stop was Heritage Gallery, on Victoria Street, Cambridge – if you haven't been or have not been in there for a while – stop by, it's beautiful!

I found some gorgeous wooden coasters to send to overseas friends. I thought these were ideal – kiwiana, without being kitsch, and light to post. Heritage Gallery has other lovely NZ themed gift ideas, great for family and friends living beyond our shores, including some cute Cambridge signs to stick on your fridge!

Also at Heritage Gallery, I purchased an affordable print by artist Jane Galloway to give to my mum for Christmas. There is a lot of her work on display at Heritage Gallery, and Sandra, the owner, told me that Jane was once a greeting card artist. I fell in love with the majority of her work I saw, so I'll be looking to treat myself to a present soon too!


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