Wallace Cotton - Colour on Point!

How lucky we are to have such a fab shop in town. You can always be sure they will have the colour pallet that is trending and on point!

As you walk into this store, the amazing building compliments their style. High ceilings and fabulous decor, it's a pleasure to the eye and a truly enjoyable experience to wander around.
The display of bedding just oozes luxury and makes you instantly imagine jumping into your own bed with their crisp high-quality bedding. There is nothing quite like fresh linen.

As spring fast approaches August will see the new season's range arrive and we should all be super excited to see the new colours in season. Wallace cotton collections have more than just bedding, with fabulous towels, robes and so much more.

Out the back of the store has a gorgeous area for the babies and kids bedding. With toys and little accessories to make their bedtime a time they will feel nice and relaxed, ready for a good nights sleep!
Don't take my word for it, pop in and see for yourselves.

Enjoy this cool video of them setting up the store
Check out their website and take your time to browse wallacecotton.com

Join them on facebook to see more cool videos and get the more news about this fab store!


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