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Safer communities

Safer Cambridge communities

When you move to Cambridge, you’ll quickly notice thriving businesses, the pataka kai, community gardens, and trees, which exist because of the kindness and generosity of local businesses and community volunteers.  

The Safer Cambridge Trust is another example of a strong community asset that is backed by businesses and volunteers to operate Cambridge Neighbourhood Support and the Cambridge Community Patrol.  

Cambridge Neighbourhood Support fosters a sense of community among neighbourhoods through "street villages”, which are designed to offer support during both regular and emergency situations. They use their strong relationships with the Police, Civil Defence Emergency Management, and Fire and Emergency New Zealand to assist neighbourhoods to develop emergency plans, which identify the skills and equipment needed in an emergency and those who would need help to evacuate.  

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Community Patrol are the extra eyes and ears of the local Police, patrolling the streets on most evenings to keep a lookout for suspicious activities and antisocial behaviour, secure unattended businesses, and locate missing people.

Over the years the Trust has run a range of programmes, including having teenagers visit and assist older people, a strong Covid-19 response including a “Shopping Buddy” programme, regular community safety meetings, and a new children’s citizenship programme encouraging children to plan and undertake behaviours that show respect and support for their school and communities.  

When moving to Cambridge, make sure you contact Cambridge Neighbourhood Support to be connected to your new neighbourhood. If you would like to register with Neighbourhood Support, volunteer for the community patrol or contact the Trust,
email or


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