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Hamilton Airport, proudly welcoming visitors to the Waikato

Hamilton Airport,
a vital gateway

Hamilton Airport is where people from around New Zealand and the world come together, pathways cross, and new connections are formed. 

Hamilton Airport proudly welcomes visitors to the mighty Waikato through its recently refurbished and seismically strengthened terminal.  

Drawing on Waikato’s rich cultural history and natural environment, the terminal’s vibrant makeover references the long-tailed native bat (pekapeka tou-roa), which is found in our region, through spatial design, brand identity and cultural expression.  Traditionally gifted to travellers, carved pekapeka offer manākitanga and protection, a beautiful parallel with the care provided to  customers. The airport’s new design also  incorporates the rich symbolism of the Waikato awa, the local maunga (sacred mountains) and the natural colour palette of the region.        

A plush new departure area with contemporary fittings, carpet, dedicated workspaces and powered furniture allows travellers to relax, charge their devices and catch up on work before heading off on their journeys.  

On arrival at Hamilton Airport, visitors can check out cultural art pieces by local Māori artists. These commissioned works enrich the terminal, offering a sense of connection to people, place and identity. The carved kauri timber and stainless steel waharoa (entranceway) is a crucial feature of the Hamilton Airport arrival experience and invites people to enjoy the safety and manāki of the terminal.

Once inside, look for the following: 

  • The warm and calming woven panels of harakeke (flax) on the ceiling above the arrival/departure gate

  • The depiction of the pekapeka’s unique sonar and echolocation abilities on the glass surfaces

  • The manu atu or Māori kite that represents safe travels to wherever your journey takes you and a warm welcome back home

  • The large, round contemporary sculpture at the end of the terminal, made of island kauri, evokes our region's mana (greatness) 

Outside the terminal, you’ll see the woven-inspired timber cladding and sandblasted detailing of the pekapeka design.       

Hamilton Airport’s new branding incorporates its tohu (symbol/mark), symbolising both the waharoa (gateway) and runway. A gateway between worlds (land, sky, spiritual realm), it offers respect, generosity, and care to all who travel. It stands tall with pride and reaches out to welcome visitors.

Comfort and convenience

Dine at Propeller Airport Café on the mezzanine floor for delicious fresh meals and barista-made coffee. Quench your thirst at the fully licensed bar, or grab some snacks and travel accessories. The regional lounge is on the mezzanine floor.

The car park is conveniently located near the terminal. If you have extra time, check out Propeller Bar & Restaurant at Hotel Hamilton Airport for a tasty meal.

Hamilton Airport is well-connected with multiple direct daily flights to Wellington and Christchurch and regular flights to Palmerston North with Air New Zealand and Originair. 

The airport is only a 15-minute drive to Cambridge, and multiple transport options are available from just outside the terminal.    

Kia Ora, and welcome to Hamilton Airport: a vibrant hub with a rich history and a brave future. 

“Upon landing in Hamilton, you’ve arrived in a special region, rich in cultural tradition.” 

Mark Morgan,
Group Chief Executive, Waikato Regional Airport Ltd 


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