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State-of-the-art manufacturing, right here in Cambridge

Cambridge’s northern industrial zone experienced remarkable transformation in recent years, most notably with APL’s relocation to Hautapu in 2021.

Visionary local entrepreneur and major shareholder of Architectural Profiles Ltd (APL), Mitch Plaw, spearheaded the establishment of the groundbreaking manufacturing facility in Hautapu. It’s an architectural masterpiece that prioritises sustainability and operational efficiency. 

The building boasts advanced technologies in construction, hybrid mechanical services, electronic LED lighting, and manufacturing machinery. It has also achieved a 5 Greenstar rating, which signifies its world-class design, construction, operation, and fit-out practices.

The development of the expansive Hautapu property was a strategic move that will lay a solid foundation for the company’s future growth. As part of the Profile Group of companies, APL window solutions and the wider Profile Group family has evolved a vertical supply chain to deliver end-to-end window and door solutions. 

One of the group’s businesses, APL Manufacturing relocated their operations to Hautapu, and recently created subsidiary, Architectural Glass Products (AGP) set up shop. AGP is a state-of-the-art, double-glazing manufacturing business which enables the group to offer a complete window system solution.

“We strive to be world-class role models in future vision, long-term strategy, innovation, product design, and operational execution. Most importantly, we genuinely care for people, our community, and the environment.”

APL has a rich history in Cambridge. The company was established by the Plaw family back in 1971, with their facility at that time located on Bellevue Road. Today, the family-operated business is the largest manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors in New Zealand.

The Plaw family are extremely generous when it comes to local community and environmental initiatives. Their ethos of genuine care extends beyond business success and reflects a vision of building better communities. 

APL has actively supported educational institutions, charitable organisations, and local bodies. Their dedication to sustainability, wellbeing, and the circular economy has been furthered by the involvement of Mikayla Plaw, Executive Director Sustainability for the Profile Group.

“We want to lead the industry in a really positive way – to reduce our landfill, to innovate in better ways to package our product and to uphold our social responsibility.

We are inspired to initiate that change and create progress that makes these changes more accessible for all.”

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